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Swix Focus Wind
Swix Focus Wind

Swix Focus Wind

Vörunúmer 1120000321949
Verðmeð VSK
18.995 kr.
Swix Focus Wind - L - 18.995 kr.
Swix Focus Wind - M - 18.995 kr.
Swix Focus Wind - 18.995 kr.
Swix Focus Wind - XL - 18.995 kr.
Swix Focus Wind - XS - 18.995 kr.
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Focus wind tights are made of an advanced high density double-knit with a very comfortable wicking brushed terry inside, that traps a layer of air and transports moisture away from the skin. What separates this from the Focus Warm tight is the high density stretch woven at the front thigh area. This fabric makes the front more windresistant and water repellent. There is no windproof membrane, but the high density surface stops most of the air speed and limit the wind-chill. Lack of membrane results in unhindered breathability and freedom of movement like a proper pair of tights. In the long run; the dry ventilating sensation is more comfortable than fully windproof but far less breathable membrane alternatives.

  • Very elastic 4 way stretch
  • High loft properties for its weight
  • 2 face fleece with wicking-brushed inside
  • Durable Nylon filament outside
  • Windresistant, waterrepellent and ventilating stretch at front thigh area