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Mammut Taiss SO
Mammut Taiss SO

Mammut Taiss SO

Vörunúmer 1021-00870-50554-52
Verðmeð VSK
31.995 kr.
Taiss SO Pant - 48 - 31.995 kr.
Mammut Taiss SO - 50 - 31.995 kr.
Taiss SO Pant - 31.995 kr.
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You head out to the mountains in all seasons – you’re in your element alpine climbing, mountaineering and ice climbing. So are the versatile Taiss SO Pants. Made from a robust and abrasion-resistent softshell double-weave fabric, they are both wind-repellent and breathable. The water-repellent treatment is PFC-free. The material’s elasticated properties allow you to move freely, an absolute must for climbing and mountaineering. The waistband of the pants can be easily adjusted to ensure the perfect fit. The climbing harness-compatible pockets have zippers to safely store your essentials. A drawstring allows you to ideally adjust the leg hems for a more streamlined fit, providing a clearer view of your foot placements when mountaineering and climbing. Just like you, the Taiss pants take rugged cliffs and ice walls in their stride.