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Mammut Aenergy Air HS
Mammut Aenergy Air HS

Mammut Aenergy Air HS

Vörunúmer 1120000346287
Verðmeð VSK
76.995 kr.
Mammut Aenergy Air HS - 76.995 kr.
Mammut Aenergy Air HS - L - 76.995 kr.
Mammut Aenergy Air HS - XL - 76.995 kr.
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The Aenergy Air Hardshell Hooded Jacket features the most powerful membrane technology in our collection, and offers outstanding breathability – the best choice for ski touring. Thanks to this membrane, the lightweight and durable Pertex® Shield Air outer material allows water vapor to escape easily, even when you're working hard and getting hot on steep ascents. The Aenergy Air combines its breathable properties with the absolute protection you expect from a hardshell jacket. It’s wind and waterproof and extremely durable. You can wear it all day long without moisture build-up inside and stay protected in wintry mountain conditions. The 2-way underarm zippers let you ventilate when things get really tough. It’s easy to store your skins in the extra large front pocket. When you don’t need it, the Aenergy Air is so lightweight and compressible that it hardly weighs a thing in your backpack. The ideal companion for all ski touring adventures.