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Swix Surmount
Swix Surmount

Swix Surmount

Vörunúmer 46644-10000-56
Verðmeð VSK
5.995 kr.
Swix Surmount - 5.995 kr.
Swix Surmount - 58 - 5.995 kr.
6 Í boði


Surmount Beanie is a wool-acrylic blend beanie with a pom-pom and a large jacquard Swix logo. It is made on a circular knitting machine, so there is no side seam. The hat is double-layered and there is no extra lining or turn-up.

Composition: 47.5% Merino wool, 47.5% acrylic, 5% elastane
Merino wool blend hat
Logo in jacquard knit
No turn-up – double layer with no extra lining
Round knit, no side seams.