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Alpina Haarlem
Alpina Haarlem

Alpina Haarlem

Vörunúmer 1120000306083
Verðmeð VSK
11.995 kr.
Alpina Harlem - 11.995 kr.
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Stripped to the essentials: safety and style. The asymmetrical design, the inmold construction and a guardian angel inside the ALPINA HAARLEM makes every ride through a city an experience – a safe one. With asymmetrical air vents on the front, matt plain colours and large ventilation openings at the top that form a guardian angel with the padding inside, the picture is complete. To ensure the ALPINA HAARLEM can be adjusted perfectly to the head, the Run System Ergo Flex+ is integrated. The size can be adjusted nearly infinitely with a fine adjustment system via a dial. The urban helmet is manufactured using the inmold procedure, with which the Hi-EPS inner shell under the outer shell is foamed under high pressure and heat. The result is a helmet both lightweight and secure – for relaxed rides through the city.