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Alpina Roca
Alpina Roca

Alpina Roca

Vörunúmer 1120000312985
Verðmeð VSK
35.995 kr.
Alpina Roca - 35.995 kr.
Alpina Roca - 56-58cm - 35.995 kr.
Alpina Roca - 59-60cm - 35.995 kr.
Alpina Roca - 61-63cm - 35.995 kr.
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Navigating trails strewn with roots and rocks can get pretty tricky. A full-face helmet provides the optimum protection in this situation, with a robust chin strap that protects the head both from below and on the side lest the journey come to an abrupt end when the rider is pitched over the handlebars. Ideally that wouldn’t happen. If it doesn’t, the ROCA is simply just comfortable to wear thanks to the lightweight inmold construction and fixed visor that provides protection from the sun, mud and rocks. Two helmet sizes, each with an included pad set, ensure that the ROCA fits every rider. And the Fidlock chin fastener keeps the ROCA firmly on the head while shredding - and on hang outs.