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Fischer XC Control
Fischer XC Control

Fischer XC Control

Vörunúmer S2051938
Verðmeð VSK
27.995 kr.
XC Control 38 - 27.995 kr.
XC Control 39 - 27.995 kr.
XC Control 40 - 27.995 kr.
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A stable, protective boot for more advanced recreational skiers. Carbon graphic highlights the precisely molded heel cap which stabilizes laterally while allowing total forward flex. Waterproof breathable Triple-F Membrane keeps out snow and moisture while letting perspiration escape.


The Triple-F Membrane keeps water and snow from entering boots, while allowing excess heat and moisture vapor to escape. The climate inside the boot stays warm and dry, no matter what the outside climate is.

Inside the boot, a light, thin layer of water-repellent insulation material offers additional thermal protection in the forefoot and toe area to keep the skiers warm as they glide through the snow.