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Alpina Scarabeo D
Alpina Scarabeo D

Alpina Scarabeo D

Vörunúmer 1120000305697
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9.995 kr.
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Large field of vision, comfortable frame, sophisticated technologies, eye protection – the SCARABEO bike goggles from ALPINA are the glasses of choice for bike parks and rough trails. When you use the full range of spring travel on the fork to go over cliffs, it’s time to put on bike goggles. With the SCARABEO, everything is always within good view thanks to the large spherical lens – and no need to worry about it slipping down your nose, because the headband is flexible yet strong. To keep the lens from fogging up, strategically placed air vents ensure that air is always exchanged inside the goggles and humidity is transported away. The SCARABEO’s double lens is break-proof and guarantees 100% UV protection. The flexible Comfort Frame and the comfortable triple-layer foam padding ensure they are extremely comfortable to wear. The benefit for spectacle wearers: The SCARABEO can be worn over normal vision aids.

100% UV-A, -B, -C Protection

100% UV protection

Comfort Frame

Rubberised temple ends and nose pads with a soft insert guarantee a comfortable fit

Double Lens Thermoblock

The Doubleflex technology creates a thermoblock that prevents the lens from freezing


The anti-fog coating on the inside of the lens ensures a fog-free view

Over the Glasses

Thanks to the oversized frame, the glasses can be worn over normal corrective lenses

Skid Grip

Glasses on the ski helmet sit without slipping thanks to rubber on the inside of the glasses strap