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Head Magnify 5K Photo
Head Magnify 5K Photo

Head Magnify 5K Photo

Vörunúmer 390511
Verðmeð VSK
37.995 kr.
2 Í boði


The new MAGNIFY series is modern, bold, and functional. The lens with a toric curvature reduces distortion to the minimum and offers an unrestricted field of vision. It also features 5K – enhancing the contrast and boosting color brilliance. The photochromic lens automatically adapts the lens tone between the categories S2 - S3, depending on the weather condition.
In case you still need to swap lenses, the built-in Magnetic Lens Exchange System is the easiest and quickest way to do so. By adding a frame seal, the magnetic lens is secured and the goggle protected from wind and water. The large frame can intake prescription glasses, which is supported by outlets for the temples in the main frame.

LENS:5K photo green: S1 - S3, VLT 43 - 11%