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Hoxyhead Elgur
Hoxyhead Elgur

Hoxyhead Elgur

Vörunúmer 1120000287184
Verðmeð VSK
4.995 kr.
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Complete your ski outfit with a Hoxyheads ski helmet cover! This model is perfect for when you go skiing or snowboarding at Christmas or carnival! You slide down the slope like a moose / reindeer. Also a very original gift for a winter sports fan! For example, under the Christmas tree.

Wearing a Hoxyheads ski helmet cover is fun and it encourages children to wear a ski helmet. It is easier for parents to recognize their child(ren) on the slopes. The exterior of the ski helmet cover is made of soft plush and the inside is made of cotton. The cover is easy to adjust, making the cover fits almost every ski helmet!

Are you looking for an original gift for a winter sports fan? Or are you one yourself and do you like to stand out? Then Hoxyheads is something for you!