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Head Skibag Womens
Head Skibag Womens

Head Skibag Womens

Vörunúmer 383151
Verðmeð VSK
12.995 kr.
1 Í boði


The Women's Single Skibag was designed for ease of travel. Three well-placed handles and a padded, adjustable shoulder strap make it easier for women to find the balance point when carrying skis. The full zip provides easy access to skis and poles, while the outer material provides durability for the long miles up to the mountains.

DIMENSIONS:195 * 26 * 16 CM
WEIGHT:860 gm

  • Protective and fashionable bag for one pair of skis and poles
  • Roll top design length adjustment
  • Shoulder strap adjusts to balance different length skis
  • Full zip easy access
  • Extra durable base material