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Ogso Valluga 26
Ogso Valluga 26

Ogso Valluga 26

Vörunúmer 001421158VAECSM
Verðmeð VSK
109.995 kr.
Ogso Valluga 26 - 109.995 kr.
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  • EXALTED CAMBER designed features a long, high nose and tail that floats effortlessly in powder. It also initiates smooth, easy turns making it extremely versatile for a forgiving and confident ride.
  • FIBER-GLASS CONSTRUCTION TECHNOLOGY makes this a solid and responsive touring split.
  • Carbon V-band is an innovative new technology developed by OGSO that transfers the rider’s energy through the split to provide torsional stiffness, immediate response and make the ski extremely reactive.
  • Vibration reducer band made from aramid, basalt and carbon is an innovative new technology developed by OGSO that gives a solid, quiet feel
  • Ultra-high molecular speed base made from sintered polyethylene provides fast glide and outstanding durability.
  • Short camber makes this ski extremely agile and very forgiving for fun, short-turn carving.
  • Tapered directional board the nose is much bigger than the tail and it is usually more of a surf style one direction only kind of ride.