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Head Pure Joy
Head Pure Joy

Head Pure Joy

Vörunúmer 315700143
Verðmeð VSK
73.995 kr.
Pure Joy 143 - 73.995 kr.
Pure Joy 148 - 73.995 kr.
Pure Joy 153 - 73.995 kr.
Pure Joy 158 - 73.995 kr.
Pure Joy 163 - 73.995 kr.
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The Pure Joy is purely for beginners seeking a stable and easy ski. HEAD's LYT Tech construction uses weight-saving technologies for easy steering and reliable edge grip. The lightweight core with Graphene creates a soft, longitudinal flex, while the ABS sidewalls and tip protector increase edge grip and durability. Slight tip rocker contributes to easy turn initiation, while camber under the 73mm waist adds control in order to boost confidence.

  • LYT Tech Construction
  • ERA 3.0
  • Graphene
  • Women´s Camber
  • Protective Frame Structure
  • Super Light Weight Distribution
  • Power Sidewall Jacket Construction
  • Synthetic Core
  • UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker