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Head Oblivion 84
Head Oblivion 84

Head Oblivion 84

Vörunúmer 315521171
Verðmeð VSK
92.995 kr.
Head Oblivion 84 - 92.995 kr.
Head Oblivion 84 - 176 cm - 92.995 kr.
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Easy to handle, the Oblivion 84 is the perfect match for creative skiers. Generous rocker in the tip adds maneuverability for takeoffs and landings in the park or quick pivots on features, while the wood core sandwich twintip construction adds stability on hard or soft snow. A scratch-resistance topsheet means more durability to stand up to hard charging skiing around the mountain.

  • Sandwich Twintip Construction
  • UHM C Base
  • Tuff-Wall/Base/Edge
  • ISS - Independent Suspension System
  • PNP Rocker