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Head Supershape e-Speed
Head Supershape e-Speed

Head Supershape e-Speed

Vörunúmer 313320177
Verðmeð VSK
137.995 kr.
Supershape e-Speed 170 - 137.995 kr.
Supershape e-Speed 177 - 137.995 kr.
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The Supershape e-Speed is an on-piste long turn precision instrument for the carving enthusiast. At 68mm wide with the longest turning radius of the Supershape family, it features HEAD's new EMC technology, the only electronic dampening system on the market, which reduces vibrations and increases stability for an overall smoother ride. Thanks to HEAD's Graphene technology, the e-Speed features optimized weight distribution for perfect balance and control. Its new tip shape allows skiers to vary their turn shape at will. Super turns, super versatile, Supershape.

  • EMC
  • ERA 3.0 S
  • Graphene Worldcup Sandwich Cap Construction
  • RD Race Structured UHM C Base
  • Speed Rocker