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Head Raptor 40
Head Raptor 40

Head Raptor 40

Vörunúmer 1120000268398
Verðmeð VSK
21.995 kr.
Raptor 40 20.5 - 21.995 kr.
Head Raptor 40 - 21.0 cm / 33 - 21.995 kr.
Raptor 40 21.5 - 21.995 kr.
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Comfortable yet performance driven the accessible flex Raptor 40 is a warm, friendly, easy to use boot for progression. This mini speed demon is the perfect balance of accessibility and performance technology. Our Self-shaping footbed and Junior Team liner deliver warmth, comfort and a snug fit, while a responsive shell with foot hugging, reliable buckles provide precise fit for great ski control and quick response.