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Princeton Tec Sector 550
Princeton Tec Sector 550

Princeton Tec Sector 550

Vörunúmer 1120000324353
Verðmeð VSK
20.995 kr.
3 Í boði


The waterproof Sector 5 is a potent handheld spotlight that is great for peering into dark woods or crevices, flooding the immediate area with light, or helping navigate waterways at night.
The Sector 5 spotlight has a comfortable pistol grip, with a trigger designed to offer easy momentary on or constant illumination via a half or full pull. To prevent accidental illumination and battery drain while in transit or storage, the trigger features a lock out switch.
The sturdily constructed Sector 5 is a great addition to your lighting collection if you’re looking for a seriously strong spot light that can take a beating.