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Microfiber Handklæði
Microfiber Handklæði

Microfiber Handklæði

Vörunúmer 1120000249359
Verðmeð VSK
4.195 kr.
Microfiber Handklæði Blátt - 4.195 kr.
Microfiber Handklæði Grænt - 5.195 kr.
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Take the Quick Dry Microfiber Towels anywhere – camping, backpacking, in the field, or to the beach. As an essential piece of travel gear, it dries fast and packs down to the size of a water bottle. The micro suede fabric is soft, dense and gently removes oil, dirt and perspiration. Plus, it resists odors with a powerful antimicrobial treatment. The included mesh storage bag can be used for toiletries, phones, or keys. This line of towels includes colors previously under the McNett Tactical brand. So, stay fresh and travel light on your next trip by tossing a Quick Dry Microfiber Towel in the car, backpack, or luggage.

  • Super Absorbent – Absorbs five times its weight in water and dries quickly with the attached hanging snap loop
  • Compact & Lightweight – Full-size towel folds down to the size of a water bottle
  • Antimicrobial – Silver ion treatment helps prevent odors and keeps it fresh
  • Packable – Store it or toiletries in the mesh black
  • Multipurpose – Features sewn grommets for use as a blanket, tarp, or sunshade