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Northug Sunsetter
Northug Sunsetter

Northug Sunsetter

Vörunúmer 1120000331436
Verðmeð VSK
14.995 kr.
1 Í boði


The glasses work great during training and activity during cloudy weather with or without precipitation. It is also a favorite in the dark!

The glasses are flexible with adjustable nose clips and spectacle rods. They can therefore be adapted to your head. Subframe can be removed to add more ventilation and at the same time gives a different look. The glasses only come in one size, and are suitable for both genders.

  • Low weight, flexible fit, high comfort
  • Water and grease repellent
  • Anti-fog and anti-dirt
  • UV protection
  • Scratch resistance

Northug Sunsetter comes with the UV lens Clear (Category 0, light transmission 90%). It protects well against weather and wind, and gives you good comfort. The Northug logo is engraved on the lens. The lens is completely unbreakable!