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Alpina Hackney
Alpina Hackney

Alpina Hackney

Vörunúmer 1120000305925
Verðmeð VSK
10.595 kr.
Alpina Hackney - 10.595 kr.
Alpina Hackney - 51-56cm - 10.595 kr.

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The ALPINA HACKNEY bike helmet has a face. It winks kindly with the front air inlet and so is cheeky enough to please the cool kids. But more importantly: The ALPINA HACKNEY protects youngsters on all their adventures. The stable inmold construction and Hi-EPS provide cushioning properties in the event of a collision. A guardian angel, formed by the upper helmet openings, also always rides along. It is to be taken playfully, but is also a symbol with a clear statement: ALPINA wants to protect you. Always. Everywhere. The ventilation inlets of the ALPINA HACKNEY not only form a face and a guardian angel, but are predominantly responsible for optimal ventilation. The height-adjustable Run-System also provides comfort. Thus, adjustment is very easy and maximum comfort guaranteed. Optionally, a plug-in light can be integrated into the rear of the bike helmet, so that the kids are perceived early on by other road users even in poor visibility and darkness. Visibility brings security.