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Northug Classic Performance
Northug Classic Performance

Northug Classic Performance

Vörunúmer 1120000275174
Verðmeð VSK
13.995 kr.
Northug Classic Performance - 13.995 kr.
Northug Classic Performance - 13.995 kr.
Northug Classic Performance - 13.995 kr.
Northug Classic Performance - 13.995 kr.
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CLASSIC 2.0 Performance

The Northug Classic 2.0 Performance has many of the same key features as the Silver and Gold Series glasses and provides good protection against the elements. The Classic Series covers the basic requiements for good quality sports eyewear, and you can upgrade easily to lenses with more advanced features if needed.

Classic comes with a replaceable UV400 2.0 Regular lens in the color Gray:

Gray UV 2.0 lens: Is the most popular color for general use, due to it provides a lifelike color perception. With low light transmission, it fits well on days with lots of sun. Light transmission 13% (category 3).

2 sizes:
The glasses come in two sizes, with the standard model being the widest. They look similar and have the same technical features, but Standard is slightly wider and has wider eyeglasses. The standard model fits with standard lenses.

Dimensions of Classic Standard: Height of Regular lens: 5 cm. Length: 17.5 cm. Width: 15.4 cm

The Narrow model is narrower, slightly smaller and fits well with slightly narrower faces as well as juniors. The Narrow model fits with narrow lenses.

Dimensions of Classic Narrow: Height of Regular lens: 4.9 cm. Length: 15.7 cm. Width: 14.8 cm.


• SwiftClick ™

• Interchangeable lens

• Adjustable temples

• Anti-fog treatment

• Protects against UV rays

• Scratch resistant

• Oleophobic lens prevents grease and dirt from sticking

• Hydrophobic - water repellent lenses

• PC lenses / unbreakable glass

• Adjustable nose piece


• Protective case

• 1 UV400 2.0 Regular Lens

• Microfiber cloth

• Storage bag