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Ulvang Rav Kiby Roundneck
Ulvang Rav Kiby Roundneck

Ulvang Rav Kiby Roundneck

Vörunúmer 78416-51912-L
Verðmeð VSK
13.296 kr. Verð áður18.995 kr.
Ulvang Rav Kiby - L - 13.296 kr.
Ulvang Rav Kiby - M - 13.296 kr.
Ulvang Rav Kiby - 13.296 kr.
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Rav Kiby - a lighter version of our best-selling Rav Sweater! Made from 100% high-quality wool, this sweater features the traditional Norwegian Selbu rose pattern, and comes in many different color combinations to suit any style. Not only is the Rav Kiby stylish, but it's also versatile and functional, making it perfect for both everyday wear and outdoor adventures. Whether you're hiking in the mountains or just running errands, the Rav Kiby will keep you comfortable and looking great. Like our Rav Sweater, the Rav Kiby features a comfortable fit and good elasticity, ensuring that it will fit any body type. Its 100% wool construction also makes it naturally insulating, so you can stay warm and cozy in any weather.