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Fischer Transalp Tour Ws
Fischer Transalp Tour Ws

Fischer Transalp Tour Ws

Vörunúmer U16521235
Verðmeð VSK
129.995 kr.
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Strong, light, easy to handle: The Fischer Transalp Tour is a versatile freetourer with uncompromising power transmission.


Its material mix of Pebax Rnew® (shell) and TPU (cuff), the unique Power Buckle System and the pre-shaped, reinforced liner ensure efficient power transfer on the climb, with great stability on the descent. Weighing only 1350 g, with 80 degree cuff rotation, this touring ski boot makes repeated ascents a piece of cake. The double lock Ski/Walk mechanism brings additional stability and security. All buckles and straps are intuitive and can be operated with just one hand on this very capable touring boot.