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Head Raptor WCR 5
Head Raptor WCR 5

Head Raptor WCR 5

Vörunúmer 600505255
Verðmeð VSK
87.995 kr.
Head Raptor WCR 5 - 87.995 kr.
Head Raptor WCR 5 - 25.5 cm / 39.5 - 87.995 kr.
Head Raptor WCR 5 - 27.5 cm / 42.5 - 87.995 kr.
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The WCR 5 gives junior speedsters race winning on-the-button power transmission and edge control. Featuring a performance driven yet accessible variable flex index of between 110 and 100, a FIS approved sole thickness and RD slalom kit the boot is ready for all competitive challenges. And while four micro-adjustable buckles, flex straps and power booster strap deliver exact foot wrap, hold and added rebound, our customisable Jr Racing Pro liner, Double canting and lacing make the boot fully customisable for more precise responsiveness and performance driven comfort. 

  • Shell: PU - (SHORT CUFF)
  • Liner: Racing WCR Pro
    Laces option
    Racing footbed
    50 mm Double power booster velcro strap
  • Buckles: 4 screwed micro-adjustable Spine-Flex alloy buckles
    Racing low profile buckles
  • Features: Racing flex tuning
    Cuff Alignment
    Extended Toe Box
    Rear support tuning
    Adult Norm
    FIS approved sole thickness
    Race balance
    Flat foam wedge