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Head Cube 60 W
Head Cube 60 W

Head Cube 60 W

Vörunúmer 608327255
Verðmeð VSK
45.995 kr.
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With a soft flex of 60 and an upright stance for effortless progressive skiing the All-Ride CUBE3 60 W is the ideal boot for all-day beginner skiers all-day. The boot's Women's Comfort quick entry liner provides comfortable hold and easy access, while the shell and micro-adjustable buckles and power strap deliver support and precision power transmission. The boot also rocks our binding activated auto ski walk technology for hike articulation and locked out pure response while skiing and comfort and performance both on and off the slope.
  • Last: EC 2200cc
  • Flex: 60
  • Shell: SL
  • Liner: Women's Comfort quick entry liner
    Sport frame footbed
    35 mm velcro strap
  • Buckles: 3 micro-adjustable plastic buckles
    1 Supermacro ratchet
  • Features: Integrated autoskiwalk