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Nortec Nordic
Nortec Nordic

Nortec Nordic

Vörunúmer 1120000266844
Verðmeð VSK
12.995 kr.
Nortec Nordic - 12.995 kr.
Nortec Nordic - 12.995 kr.
Nortec Nordic - 12.995 kr.
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  • Outdoor running, trekking
  • All-round micro crampon that can be worn on hiking shoes but also on trail running shoes
  • Quick fit and excellent adherence to the shoe thanks to the hi-tech elastomer
  • Ideal for ice, mud and slippery surfaces thanks to the steel tips system
  • Front crampons with the “flex” system to prevent the accumulation of snow and ice
  • Steel hoop on the shoe’s tip for excellent stability
  • Compact case made of technical and functional material


Quick fit crampons made by an elastomer interconnected to a tread stainless steel structure under the shoes realized through a combination of chain elements, connectors and crampon plate. The crampons allow you to move in perfect safety on the snow, ice and low adherence surface (mud undergrowth, foliage, etc.).




Designed and tested to meet the needs of light mountaineering and outdoor running. Thanks to the three crampons plates guarantees always a perfect control on ice and hard snow. Also suitable for running training on dry, wet or muddy grassland, and for outdoor winter running. Excellent for outdoor running, light mountaineering and trekking.

  • Free time
  • Trail running
  • Winter trekking
  • Mountaineering
  • Trekking on hard snow and ice
  • Trekking on fresh snow
  • Running
  • Hunting and work


  • All metal components in stainless steel. Heat treated crampon plates to a greater mechanical resistance. Nevertheless, due to the stainless steel’s high carbon content, light superficial oxidation/rust’s traces may appears.
  • Hi-tech silicon elastomer tested up to – 60 °C for a quick a comfortable fit and perfect positioning of the light crampon.
  • 21 steel 8 mm long crampon’s spikes for excellent stability, perfect grip and walking-running comfort. Twisted stainless steel chain to improve the grip and to assure reliability and special connections “eight shape” (pat.pend.) that prevent the release of the rivets from the elastomer even in the toughest conditions.
  • The shape of the plates at opposite ends improves stability and ride comfort even with light shoes.
  • Extremely light: thanks to the quality of the materials the weight of the pair of crampons is only 290 grams (size M).
  • Compact case made of technical and functional material with plastic hook to hang up the case on the backpack. Two different pockets to keep separate crampons and avoid to loss time in the fit.