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Ulvang Maristua
Ulvang Maristua

Ulvang Maristua

Vörunúmer 1120000290603
Verðmeð VSK
16.995 kr.
Ulvang Maristua - 16.995 kr.
Ulvang Maristua - 16.995 kr.
Ulvang Maristua - 16.995 kr.
Ulvang Maristua - L - 16.995 kr.
Ulvang Maristua - XL - 16.995 kr.
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Maristua turtle Neck w/zip Ws is a long-sleeved top in 100% Merino wool. Feminine jaquard knit inspired by traditional Norwegian patterns. Extremely soft material in combination with the wool's incredible properties allows the garment to be used for many occasions. Suitable for versatile use, especially when the activity level varies. Natural temperature regulating properties and odor resistant. Developed in a light rib construction that is form-stable and provides good moisture transport. Traceable and guaranteed mulesing free wool

  • A soft and feminine top with zip in ultra fine 100% Merino wool.
  • Suitable as bodywear, but can also be used as an outer layer during a weekend trip to the cabin or as more causal wear.
  • For women that seeks a femine look, combined with warmth and comfort.
  • Woolmark certified.