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 Ulvang Rav 100%
Ulvang Rav 100%

Ulvang Rav 100%

Vörunúmer 67332-20716-S
Verðmeð VSK
8.397 kr. Verð áður11.995 kr.
Ulvang Rav 100% - L - 8.397 kr.
Ulvang Rav 100% - M - 8.397 kr.
Ulvang Rav 100% - 8.397 kr.
Ulvang Rav 100% - XL - 8.397 kr.
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Rav100% Pants Ms is a mens wool underwear in 100% merino wool. A perfect garment to use when the activity level varies. Soft, temperature-regulating and naturally odor-inhibiting. The Rav 100% series is made in a light rib construction that is dimensionally stable and provides good moisture transport. The vertical ducts promote insulation by holding the air and converting it to heat. We only use traceable and guaranteed mulesing-free wool. Flat seams for increased comfort. Timeless design that is well suited for leisure, hiking and relaxation at the cabin.