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Komperdell Ballistic Vest Junior
Komperdell Ballistic Vest Junior

Komperdell Ballistic Vest Junior

Vörunúmer 1120000291860
Verðmeð VSK
24.495 kr.
Komperdell Ballistic Vest Junior - 24.495 kr.
2 Í boði


  • Above all we have to protect the little ones, a reason why we outfitted our junior protectors with the CROSS System – the champion when it comes to residual energy. With our BALLISTIC VEST JUNIOR and GIRL you secure the perfect all around protection for your child. Our junior vests stand out for highest safety and protection values on the market and they are comfortable to wear!
  • Multilayer Cross 6.0 Junior back protector made of adaptive dual-density foam, EN-approved 1621-2
  • 360° all around protection
  • Protector insert visible - part of the design concept
  • Light and flexible
  • Top protection values
  • Ultimate freedom of movement
  • Reversible vest – wearable on both sides
  • Hæð barns Aldur Stærð á vesti
    120-130 cm 6-8 ára 128 eða 140
    130-140 cm 8-10 ára 140 eða 152
    140-150 cm 10-12 ára 152 eða Small í fullorðins