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Rudy Project Spinshield Air
Rudy Project Spinshield Air

Rudy Project Spinshield Air

Vörunúmer 1120000247584
Verðmeð VSK
22.995 kr.
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Lightweight, wide field of vision, and cutting-edge design: this is the heart of SPINSHIELD AIR. With its wide-coverage lens, SPINSHIELD AIR offers a sleek half rimless look for those seeking a refined style without compromising performance, making this eyewear perfect for both leisure and sports activities such as jogging or biking. The new SPINSHIELD AIR offers a wide range of color matches and is compatible with RX solutions thanks to a new optical insert specially designed for cylindrical lenses.

  • Gender: UNISEX
  • Weight: 26 g.
  • Dimension: 147 - 125
  • Height: 59
  • Base: 5