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Swix TS7 Turbo Violet -2°C/-7°C
Swix TS7 Turbo Violet -2°C/-7°C

Swix TS7 Turbo Violet -2°C/-7°C

Vörunúmer TST07-2
Verðmeð VSK
17.995 kr.
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Top Speed Turbo (TST) is the fastest and most advanced next-generation racing wax. TS7 Turbo Violet is for temperature -2°C to -7°C. We highly recommend that TST is applied using roto wool for best performance.

  • This product is developed for roto wool application, which means that you don't need a waxing iron when applying the wax.
  • The optimal snow condition for TS7 Turbo is dry snow below the freezing point.
  • TS Turbo can be used as a top coat or base layer with, for example, TS liquid.
  • Fluoro-free ski wax made for racing.