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Alpina Zupo
Alpina Zupo

Alpina Zupo

Vörunúmer A9225340
Verðmeð VSK
13.995 kr.
Alpina Zupo - 54-58cm - 13.995 kr.
Alpina Zupo - 13.995 kr.
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Hard on the outside, super soft on the inside. The children’s hardshell helmet, as the name implies, has a hard shell that provides protection in the event of impact. At the same time, the impact-absorbing EPS inside the helmet also protects the shell. This keeps the helmet protected from damage even during transport, such as on the ski shuttle. Soft ears and a warming neck protector provide maximum comfort. If the helmet gets too hot on warm ski days, fresh air can be supplied to it through an intelligent ventilation system. The technical look, the high-quality matt lacquer and the hardshell construction make the ZUPO a unique children’s ski helmet: stylish and safe.

  • Extra robust and resilient 3-shell outer shell
  • Easy to operate, twist-proof belt buckle with multi-step automatic buckle
  • Robust and impact-resistant hardshell outer shell
  • Optimal shock absorption due to small air chambers
  • Comfortable adjustable straps by ears