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Hoxyhead Einhyrningur
Hoxyhead Einhyrningur

Hoxyhead Einhyrningur

Vörunúmer 1120000287177
Verðmeð VSK
4.995 kr.
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Unicorns are very popular, especially among girls. For winter sports enthusiasts there is now the Hoxyheads ski helmet cover unicorn. In addition to a unicorn onesie and unicorn slippers, this is really a must have for the winter sporting unicorn enthusiast!

Complete your ski outfit with a Hoxyheads ski helmet cover! This ski helmet cover looks like a stuffed animal! The unicorn has a golden horn and a soft fur coat in the colors white and pink. With this ski helmet cover on, you really look cute and cuddly in the snow!

Wearing a Hoxyheads ski helmet cover is fun and it encourages children to wear a ski helmet. It is easier for parents to recognize their child (ren) on the slopes. The cover can be easily adjusted, making the cover fit on almost any ski helmet!