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Head Absolut Joy + binding
Head Absolut Joy + binding

Head Absolut Joy + binding

Vörunúmer 315683143
Verðmeð VSK
92.995 kr.
Absolut Joy 143 - 92.995 kr.
Absolut Joy 148 - 92.995 kr.
Absolut Joy 153 - 92.995 kr.
Absolut Joy 158 - 92.995 kr.
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Binding: JOY 9 GW SLR BR.85[H]s.wh

With the absolut Joy, you can carve up the corduroy and make railroad tracks in the snow. Designed for the frontside, the Absolute Joy has a wood core and a lightweight construction with materials prized for their high strength-to-weight ratio. Tip rocker and a slender waist make turn initiation a breeze on the groomers.

  • LYT Tech Construction
  • EMC F
  • Graphene
  • Women´s Camber
  • Super Light Weight Distribution
  • Power Sidewall Jacket Construction
  • Wood Composite Core
  • UHM C Base
  • Allride Rocker
  • Plate: JOY "BB" SLR PRO Base