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Head J2
Head J2

Head J2

Vörunúmer 603557195
Verðmeð VSK
18.595 kr.
Head J2 - 18.595 kr.
Head J2 - 20.5 cm / 32 - 18.595 kr.
Head J2 - 21.5 cm / 33.5 - 18.595 kr.
Head J2 - 22.5 cm / 35 - 18.595 kr.
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The comfortable, warm, easy to use, lightweight Z2 gives kids the support, comfort and natural kid stance for fast fun progression. Kid specific technologies are three-fold: Our Jr. Hi-Top delivers instant skier to ski power transfer for easier turns, while a more relaxed forward lean provides a more comfortable and hassle-free stance. Then our Vario Lasts perfectly mirror the development of kids' feet for added comfort and enhanced performance and DuoFlex gives kids a natural, centred balance and control for a reactive flex that feels smooth.