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 Head Cube 70
Head Cube 70

Head Cube 70

Vörunúmer 608325275
Verðmeð VSK
45.995 kr.
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For all resort comfort and assured Head performance intermediate skiers should try the easy-entry, progression-friendly CUBE3 70 with its wide last. The boot features an easy entry shell, with form fitting, micro-adjustable buckles and a power and rebound enhancing strap; plus a binding activated auto ski walk mechanism. Combined with a custom fit heat mouldable liner that hugs and holds the foot for quick power transfer and ski response the boot deliver all-mountain access for all-day progressive skiing. 

  • Last: EC 2200cc
  • Shell: SL
  • Liner: Comfort quick entry liner
  • Sport frame footbed
  • 35 mm velcro strap
  • Buckles: 3 micro-adjustable plastic buckles
  • 1 Supermacro ratchet
  • Features: Integrated auto-skiwalk