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Vango Ketill 1,6L
Vango Ketill 1,6L

Vango Ketill 1,6L

Vörunúmer 5020148000118
Verðmeð VSK
3.395 kr.
8 Í boði


The Vango 1.6L Stainless Steel Kettle is a stylish kettle with whistling action and a removable lid. The folding heat-resistant handle is ideal for packing away.

  • Folding heat resistant handle
  • Whistling kettle
  • Lid detaches completely for ease of filling
  • Stainless steel - Tough and durable
  • Push/pull, to open and close spout
Weight 0.36kg
Height 14.5cm
Length 16.0cm
Width 16.0cm
Dimensions L18.0 x H15.0 x W17.0cm