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Primus Multifuel
Primus Multifuel

Primus Multifuel

Vörunúmer 7314523288832
Verðmeð VSK
47.995 kr.
7 Í boði


MultiFuel is the foundation stove on expeditions where reliability and output trumps everything else. Less moving parts reduce the need for service and repair, while a powerful flame melts snow and boils water under extreme conditions. Pot supports lock securely in place while cooking, yet fold closed tight to make the stove more compact when stowed. Designed with a low center of gravity allow use of larger pots and pans and cooking for 1-4 persons. Multiple jet nipples attach directly to the pot supports and are clearly marked so there is no confusion when different fuel types are used. The MuliFuel Stove can be used almost anywhere in the world and can run off of gas, gasoline/petrol, diesel, kerosene/paraffin and even aviation fuel. Delivering 2700W it can melt snow and then boil a liter of water in four and a half minutes. MultiFuel Stoves come with an ErgoPump, a multi-tool with a cleaning needle, a foldable windscreen, a heat reflector, and a nylon storage bag.

Height: 9,5 cm
Width: 6,6 cm
Depth: 13,2 cm
Weight: 373 g
Diameter: 6.6 cm

Igniter: Without Piezo Igniter
Boiling Time Regular Pot: 4.3 min
Fuel Type: Gas
Power: 2700 W
Gas included: No