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Vango Compact brennari
Vango Compact brennari

Vango Compact brennari

Vörunúmer 020000003232
Verðmeð VSK
6.495 kr.
23 Í boði


The Vango Compact Gas Stove is light and easy to use, perfect for smaller expeditions. Featuring fold-out pot support and baffles, reducing the effect of wind on the flame. The stove is capable of boiling 1 litre of water in around 4 minutes.

  • Power 3000W
  • Boils 1L of water in 4 minutes
  • Burner baffles - Reduces effect of wind on flame
  • Foldable to Compact Size - Easy storage and transport
  • Storage box
  • Gas canisters - Screw on butane propane mix
  • Approximate burn times: 110g - 30mins, 230g - 65mins, 450g - 125mins
Weight 0.102kg
Height 8.0cm
Width 12.3cm