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Mammut Ducan 30L Dömu
Mammut Ducan 30L Dömu

Mammut Ducan 30L Dömu

BakpokarDömu bakpokar
Vörunúmer 2530-00330-40245-30L
Verðmeð VSK
30.995 kr.
3 Í boði


Hiking backpack with a women's fit. Greater comfort thanks to an anatomically adapted shape. Shoulder straps and a carrying system tailored to the female anatomy with a hip belt and back section: the Ducan 30 Women offers a women's fit. It impresses with its light weight and a design focused on “access on the go”. The side pockets are positioned within easy reach even when carrying the backpack, as is the fold-out pocket on the hip belt for a cellphone. A hiking backpack with practical features: the Ducan 30 Women.