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Mammut Lithium 15L
Mammut Lithium 15L

Mammut Lithium 15L

Vörunúmer 1120000332471
Verðmeð VSK
20.995 kr.
2 Í boði


Stærð: 15 L
Þyngd: 720 g
Hæð: 52 cm
Breidd: 23 cm
Lengd: 20 cm
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You like to shift up a gear when hiking. Lightweight and compact equipment is a must. The Lithium 15 is the smallest in a proven family of backpacks with top features. It is made mainly from recycled materials and the durable water-repellent treatment is PFC-free. The very lightweight and breathable shoulder padding makes it feel very comfortable to carry. Air channels in the 3D EVA foam provide good ventilation. The padded hip belt has a fold-out pocket for your smartphone. If you don’t need it, you can simply remove it. The same applies to the integrated rain cover. The backpack is compatible with hydration systems. The mesh side pockets allow access even when walking. With the Lithium 15, you’re traveling in the fast lane in the mountains.