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Mammut Trion Spine 75L
Mammut Trion Spine 75L

Mammut Trion Spine 75L

Vörunúmer 1120000332525
Verðmeð VSK
75.995 kr.
1 Í boði


Stærð: 75 L
Þyngd: 2640 g
Hæð: 74 cm
Breidd: 34 cm
Lengd: 33 cm

Enough space for your equipment: with a volume of 75 liters, the Trion Spine 75 is very spacious and also has the perfect suspension system for heavy loads. The Active Spine Technology promises greater freedom of movement for the shoulders and hips. This allows a more natural gait. Weight is transferred optimally as you walk. The Trion Spine 75 features a height-adjustable suspension system. The large front opening makes it easy to clearly organize equipment.