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Mammmut Probe 280 Speedlock
Mammmut Probe 280 Speedlock

Mammmut Probe 280 Speedlock

Vörunúmer 1120000270469
Verðmeð VSK
13.995 kr.
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An essential part of your avalanche equipment: the Probe 280 speed lock - a light, compact, space-saving probe made from durable aluminum for maximum effectiveness when probing. The newly developed, glove-compatible Speed Lock system ensures maximum comfort when locking the probe. Safety Orange color marks the probe's 150 cm as a visual guide. Total length: 280 cm.

  • Weight [g]: 280
  • Material :Aluminum
  • Number of segments: 7
  • Diameter: 11 mm
  • Collapsed length: 45 cm
  • Extended length: 280 cm
  • Tensioning system: Speed Lock System
  • Speed-lock system – fast, individually lockable tensioning system
  • Stable, lightweight probe segment made from durable aluminum
  • Extremely precise probe scaling on both sides
  • Durable tensile tensioning cord for maximum stability of probe tensioning system
  • Drop-shaped probe tip for energy-saving probing
  • Suitable for use with gloves
  • Practical probe cover with integrated emergency plan